Future & Vision

We believe that the community should have a direct impact on the development of the chain ecosystem. The purpose of KuName Domains is to bridge the gap between the people and the governance aspects of the blockchain.

To achieve this, after the name service ecosystem reaches a suitable level of adoption, we are going to launch the KNS DAO, which will be responsible for the governance of the $KNS token by voting on proposals.

Ultimately, it is we users that constitute the most essential part of the blockchain and crypto world. A decentralized distributed system cannot exist without its members.

KCC is of the people, and we are going to empower its community.


KuName Domains is the entity that takes care of the development aspect of the KNS ecosystem. In the beginning, we will focus on the marketing and development of both KNS and the .kcc top-level domain. We will move towards launching the KNS DAO after the integration of our name service in the main projects on-chain and when an acceptable level of adoption will be reached.

The KNS DAO will be governed by members of the KNS community who hold a .kcc name and proposals will be opened and voted on by leveraging the $KNS token.

The main purpose of $KNS is to empower the community of .kcc name holders and ecosystem contributors through governance. Therefore, there will be no token sales upon launch.

A portion of the token supply will be distributed to the community, plus a percentage will be set aside for core contributors, advisors, and active community members. The remaining supply will be locked in the community treasury governed by the DAO.

The KNS DAO will ultimately decide what to do with the community funds. For example, whether there will be private or public sales or no sales at all will be decided by voting on proposals. The distribution of funds to the contributors will be also governed by the DAO.

Our hope is that the community will decide to use the treasury funds to organize hackathons, competitions, and bounties to further expand the KCC ecosystem and accelerate its growth.

Please note that we are still at a very early stage and both the method used to distribute the tokens to the community and the tokenomics of $KNS are yet to be finalized and thus might be subject to change.

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