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KuName Domains (KND) is a decentralized naming system provider based on the KCC blockchain.
The purpose of a blockchain naming system is to map human-readable names like alice.kcc to machine-readable identifiers such as KCC addresses.
Our main goal is to bring a solution similar to DNS, the Internet’s Domain Name Service, to the KCC ecosystem. We will refer to the .kcc naming system that we will deploy on-chain as KCC Name Service (KNS).
Top-level domains, like .kcc, are owned by smart contracts called registrars, which have the ability to register names and connect them, through another smart contract called a resolver, to wallet addresses, profile information or pictures, social media links, or specify custom rules to distribute domain ownership and create subdomains.
Our domain names are ERC721 NFTs, therefore they can be minted and can be traded on all supported marketplaces.
Once you have obtained your own .kcc name, people can use it to send payments to you, and you can use it instead of your hard-to-remember wallet address on decentralized applications that integrate our naming system.
Last modified 1yr ago